Low Memory Issue

Low Memory Issue

"Unable to complete previous operation due to low memory".Most of the Android smartphone users may have been regularly noticing this error message while uploading photos to different online sites by using Google Chrome, Operamini etc. This issue is the most common to Google Chrome.We all would love to kill tasks and clearing cache thinking like there is low RAM but I am sorry dude, the problem should still be there even on smartphone having RAM 2GB. Well, you are in right place. Please, proceed following steps stepwise and thoroughly to get your problem solved.Eventually, you might say aH-Ha 😂

-👉Go to "Setting" and look for "Developer options"
-👉If "Developer options" is not there, head to "About phone" and keep clicking on "Build number" until it shows a message like you can go through "Developer options"
-👉Now click on "Developer options" and uncheck [Don't put tick "✓" in the box "▢"] the two options "Strict mode enabled" and "Don't keep activities". Also, do not forget to choose "Standard limit" after clicking on "Background process limit"

Well, the first phase is completed. Now try uploading the photo. Problem is solved? Close this tab and just relax. Problem is still there? Darn! Go to next step.

-👉Again, go to "Developer options" and click on "Select runtime" and choose "Use ART" option.
-👉Reboot your system

Now, again try uploading the photo, the problem should be solved there. Again, an error message? If so, do not worry and just open "PlayStore" in Wi-Fi network and let "PlayStore" update "PlayService" automatically and update your browsers too.If you are still facing a hard time try upgrading whole firmware.
Thank You! 
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